Sid Madge facilitating event


Sid’s facilitation is an art. From disengaged executives, students, pupils, prisoners and parents he finds a way to get everyone involved and engaged. Whether it’s an hours session, an innovation and fresh ideas think tank or a four day workshop Sid gets results. His style is highly engaging, imaginative and inclusive. He’s run innovation workshops for large organisations and in one two-day session managed to create £22 million of revenue from existing and new products. Not a bad ROI on a budget of just £40,000!

Sid is never happier than facilitating. He brings his creative magic and people skills to help individuals, organisations and teams be at their very best. Sid uses a blend of the expected approach to innovation and thinking, but adds a unique blend of creativity and challenges many of the preconceived channels and thoughts on creative and innovative thinking. He once invited a cleaner, a housekeeper and a pharmacist to an innovation workshop to increase the levels of creative thinking. The results were quite simply mind-blowing!

Sid’s approach to facilitation is anything but straight line thinking. He challenges the status quo to move beyond convention. Whether that’s with c-suite executives, leadership teams, teachers, staff, pupils, learners, prisoners or those sadly out of work he gets results. He uses his vast knowledge of brands, communication skills and lived experience to add value at every level for individuals and organisations.

Facilitated session and topics include: branding, new product development, existing product development, being at your best (more of the time), being at our best (more of the time), finding the magic in yourself, finding the magic in your teams, finding the magic in your leadership and finding the magic in your organisation.

"Sid and Joss are a breath of fresh air and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious! They worked collaboratively with us to engage and inspire our leaders. They combined their vast experience of creating effective engagement to deliver a session that challenged and inspired our leaders. Their approach enabled our leaders to reflect on what’s important to them and then gave them some great tips to implement that will help them to continue to inspire their teams and get the best out of everyone. Thank you Sid and Joss, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you."

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