Sid Madge coaching in workshop


Sid is a Henley Business School graduate in professional executive coaching and loves coaching. Individual or group coaching is an incredibly powerful tool that prompts lasting action and change. Sid’s coaching creates a safe space to think, discuss and create achievable outcomes that become life-changing.

Sid has individually and group coached children, teenagers, teachers, staff, trustees, governors, parents, prisoners, executives and politicians the world over.

"There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind." True, but, "Whatever we read, whatever we see and whatever we hear, there is nothing more powerful than what we tell ourselves". Sid likens us all to wonderfully complex computing machines with even more wonderfully powerful operating systems, aka thinking. Once you realise this you can go to work on that operating system and change things. When you believe this and start the process of rethinking and rewiring, watch the fireworks and magic happen.

"I wanna take away that I can do literally anything with the mind I have. Learning is the most powerful act you can do, and you learn everyday. The more interactions you have, the smarter you become because you’re interacting with ALL different kinds of people of different faiths, beliefs and backgrounds. My attitude is what matters the most, my response shapes me, not other things or people."

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." Aristotle

Sid’s unique style of coaching is just that. He starts with the heart and finds a purpose that helps the mind find a way to deliver the change and magic needed.

"I need some new sunglasses because the future is so bright. I could quite easily have given up hope of scaffolding full time again but I took the knock backs on the chin, kept the faith and ended up smiling again. It’s good to hear from you Sid and I hope you will continue to inspire and find the CAN DO we know is in everyone like you did with our team. So long until the next time my friend and long may MEEE continue to succeed and grow."

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